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Raising Children on Love vs Survival

“People who are raised on love see things differently than those who were raised on survival”

-Author unknown

You know the type of people I’m talking about..

They make love feel like survival of the fittest.

they like to make you “prove” your love.

You may or may not have ever dealt with this type of person, or perhaps this person is you. Love may not have been openly shown to you as a child, “I love you’s” may have been hard to come by, and hugs may have been a very unfamiliar thing in your home. Whether this person is you or not, loving someone who was raised on survival is no easy feat, and changing the habits and love languages of a person who has never been shown love is HARD.

It is for these reasons that breaking cycles are so imperative when it comes to raising our own children. Its far easier to raise a child from a place of love than it is to break habits and teach an adult HOW TO LOVE. Thankfully I was raised in a home where “I love you” was voiced and expressed throughout the day each day, hugs were part of our love language, and I was never made to feel like I needed to prove or beg for anyone’s love.

We can contribute to creating a better future for our kids, by creating in them a spirit of genuine love and compassion, so that they wont go out into the world later on looking for all of those things in the wrong places and in the wrong way.

Kids who were raised to just “survive” grow up to be adults who just “survive”…let’s change up the agenda and raise kids who are LOVED.