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Love During Lock down

I think I’m supposed to have a super polished intro here. But I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to start this blog for 25 minutes. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to start a sentence with "but"…. BUT I MAKE MY OWN RULES; I always HAVE.

So here's the deal, it's been weeks since school closed but it feels like monthssssss.

If I can be completely honest, it has its days where I wanted to pull my braids out.

My anxiety was on 1000 and I didn't have any more CBD oil. I felt DEFEATED by Corona.

Every day I worried if my job would furlough soon, I had no business motivation and needed some downtime to process it all. And The last thing I wanted to do was homeschooling my 5-year-old who has NO CHILL; I didn't have the patience for that.

Now I will tell you that it has been simply AMAZING.

Corona virus took away everything that my Preschooler loved; her friends, the library, and 2 trips to recess each day. I wondered how I was going to compete with that. The clothes battle has ended right now, and she eats all her breakfast. I believe it’s because she is not being rushed.

Since then, we flew kites, went bike riding and even started working on a mini garden on the patio. I have even developed some hobbies I never knew I had interest in. And ohhh….how could I forget we even made cookies at 11 pm on a Sunday night. I would have never let that happen before.

Some days I'm the Pinterest mom, and I sit down with the Alignment Planner I created, and other days it’s so un-structured and we are doing homework at 9 pm; it’s so liberating (lol) .What's quite interesting to me is all the things we thought we never had the time to do, we really did. Time has stopped and allowed us to reconnect spiritually and mentally with God and our families.

If you have a business work on it!!! DON'T GIVE UP!!

If you need a mental break!! TAKE IT!!

If you prayed for some downtime, USE IT WISELY!!

And continue to trust in Him FIRST

You know what matters the most right now?

Being kind & nice.

Making our children feel loved & SAFE.

Giving extra love & attention.

Making it work & making memories.