Chin Up!

Chin up sweetie! 

When I did this photo shoot I had no idea how much meaning this picture would have. In hindsight, I just felt like it was an awesome spot to get some great shots, now I realize it means so much more. 

Generally, most of us know that this is the infinity symbol meaning endless or boundlessness. But looking further, this symbol is associated with spiritual growth, and a regeneration of energy. This season of my life can be attributed to both of those meanings. 

The breaking down and rebuilding that God has been doing within my journey is indescribable. I’ve been through all of the possible emotions that I can go through within a matter of a month, and yet God has never left me, nor have I felt abandoned at any point in time. I've learned how to be my own motivation, and I'm finding strengths that I never knew I had. My pride is teaching me that I'm not "super mom" and I'm learning to ask for help.

I know that my spirit, my faith, and my energy is growing...oh yeah, and this chin of mine shall remain UP😉