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5 Tips to Help Capture Professional Looking Photos of Your Kids

Capturing precious moments with my babies is one of the most important parts of being a Mom for me because when they’re all grown up and living their own separate lives our pictures will be the only tangible memories we will have. Although professional pictures are nice and they’re always great to have, being a single mom of 3, I don’t always have the extra spending room in the budget to capture holiday photos and other special moments professionally. So this mama has pretty much been “DIY-ing” and kinda just feeling her way through when it comes to learning how to take great photos of my kids. I knew I wanted to take some holiday photos so I decided to make this past Sunday our “Christmas photo day”. I am in no way a photographer or someone who knows a lot about professional photography, but I am a Mom who loves great quality photos of her babies and knows how to take photos to my satisfaction. I will list a few of my own tips that help me prepare to take great photos of my kiddos.

Check the weather Checking the weather at least a week ahead is so important. It helps you to determine what days and times that you’ll want to shoot. Organize outfits ahead of time Waiting until the day of to gather your children’s clothes for picture day is a no-no in my book. I normally like to have my kids’ entire outfits already picked out and all together before the day of the photos. I even go ahead and iron them ahead of time because on the day of I want as less to do as possible. Take your photos early I normally like to take my kids photos early because their moods are better, and there’s something about getting up, eating breakfast, and getting that fresh start thy makes my kids more in the mood to take photos. If you decide to do photos during the afternoon, I would make sure the kids aren’t cranky and in need of naps first. Irritated kids will make it hard to get great shots and will just make Mom irritated as well. Let the kids just be themselves Let your children talk, walk, laugh and just have fun during the shoot. Those great off guard genuine shots are the best! Great editing apps Having great photo editing apps make a huge difference. I normally like to use apps like Snapseed and Lightroom; they’re user friendly and they take your normal photos and amp them up a bit. Over the years my fun with photos of my kids has really evolved and we’ve started having more and more fun and free range with poses and looks. Hopefully these tips will help you create a great DIY shoot for your kids!