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5 Fun Ideas to make Christmas Fun during a Pandemic

A Quarantined Christmas That’s pretty much what things will be like for my family and I’m sure many others. This year has been super hard for a lot of us, and although we want a sense of normalcy for the holidays, I guess we have to (for now) accept the “new normal” and try to make things as enjoyable as we possibly can for the kiddos. I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with things for the kids and I to do to have family time and make Christmas feel as normal as possible. Christmas is approaching pretty fast but I wanted to get in as many quarantine Christmas activities with the kids as I can so I decided to come up with a list of 5 Christmas activities that my kiddos and I will be checking off of our list this holiday season.

Gingerbread House Christmas definitely wouldn’t be Christmas without a cute gingerbread house. It’ll be our chance to get a little messy and for the kids to get creative and have fun. Pjs and Christmas movies Lately I’ve noticed some pretty awesome Christmas movies that I know the kids will love; one of them being David E. Tolbert’s “Jingle Jangle”. So we will be putting on our Christmas pjs, popping some popcorn, and snuggling up to watch “Jingle Jangle” and some other cute Christmas movies, all of the kids’ choosing. Baking Christmas cookies This is something that the kids and I have been doing together every year for Christmas for a few years now. They love being hands on and helping Mommy prepare Christmas cookies....and eat them of course Write a letter to Santa The kids are so excited about Christmas that it’s only right for us to write letters to Santa. This gives me a chance to check out some of the things on their lists that I may have missed. This is the perfect thing to do before last minute shopping. Make Christmas cards This gives the kids a chance to express their creativity, and it helps to add that personal touch to their gifts to family members. So I will definitely be racking up at the Dollar Tree on some stationary and arts and crafts items! Although we may be limited to the things that we can do outside of the house, there’s no reason why Christmas should lack the family fun activities that make it so special.