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3 Things Parents Can do to Prepare their Children for Virtual Learning

Adjusting to our "new normal" lately has consisted of change after change, but when it comes to children getting adapted to these changes, it can be particularly rough. Having a 5 year old and two 4 year olds, and having to explain to them why we need to wear masks when we go out in public, why they have not been back to daycare with their friends, and why we don't go certain places, has been a task in itself.

Now adding virtual learning to this new way of life...things are definitely about to get interesting. Luckily I have the help of family when it comes to tackling this virtual learning routine, so that my children get all of the things that they need mentally and emotionally because I still have to go to work. We now have a little less than a week until school starts and I have started implementing a few things to make this transition as smooth as possible for us all.

Enforcing a decent bedtime

My kids know that on weekdays their bedtime is 8:30; I'm a little more lenient on the weekends but I know that there may be some parents who don't enforce a specific bedtime. Enforcing a decent bedtime helps your kids get the proper rest that they need in order to perform their best with their schoolwork, and it's also beneficial to the parents because we deserve a little time to ourselves as well. So Mama, put those kiddos to bed at a decent hour so they won't be dozing off during school hours!

No PJ's please!

I know it's just virtual school, but please get those babies dressed as though they were traditionally going to school. This promotes confidence and it also makes things seem a little more like they are actually in the classroom. They wouldn't wear pajamas to school, so please don't allow them to do virtual learning in them either.

A clean and organized work area

Let's not have our kiddos fumbling around looking for the things that they need to complete their work. We are actually in the process of preparing a nice work space for my kids at their Grandmother's house and at home. We're looking into purchasing small desks for them so that they will feel a little more like they are in the classroom. I'm super blessed to have a mother who once had a home daycare, and still has her daycare room looking just like a classroom so we won't have to add much to their work area at her house. But for those who are looking to find things to set up a great learning area for their kids, always remember that it does not take a lot of money to prepare. Ut