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Show Me Who You Really Are

I’m still growing I’m still healing I’m still processing I’m so skeptical that it’s a challenge to accept kindness or love without being suspicious of it. -Kimani Fambro Trying to trust people when everyone that you’ve put your heart in the hands of has failed you is hard. It’s hard to know who is genuine and who is not. You don’t want to make your entire life story out to be one where you’ve been “the broken one” the whole time. Where’s my triumph? Where’s my happy ending? Where is my equal? And more importantly, WHY THE HELL IS IT TAKING HIM SO LONG?! (Sorry but yeah I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way)

To be to the point where you expect the worse out of everyone as a coping mechanism so that you won’t get your feelings hurt is the wrong way to be sis. And truth be told, this message is for me too, because I’m currently teetering somewhere in between losing hope and hanging on; and might I add that the thought of me losing hope is winning. The fact that we live in such an instant and selfish society where everyone looks out for what is good for them FOR THE MOMENT, and think of no one else or nothing, and they don’t have any thoughts of the long term is saddening. If everyone came with a disclaimer (myself included) then maybe we could eliminate the “fluff” and the facades of everyone only revealing those happy and sometimes non accurate parts of themselves, and getting to the nitty gritty sooner rather than later. I wanna know the REAL reason why your last relationship didn’t work out, or if you really have any good work ethic...hell I even want to know if you sleep with the tv on or off. This stuff helps us both to not waste each other’s time and to put all of our cards on the table before we get in too deep. Sure that’s not a sure fire way to ensure that a relationship will last but it sure does help me decide if I want to continue making you a fixture in my life. If everyone learned to take that mask off sooner rather than later, it would really save all of us a little time.