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Faith and Favor

At first glance I’m sure that this picture looks like the smile of a mom who has her hands full, but a strong one who really has things down to a science when it comes to being a mom. I’m sure that it looks like she’s happy, and handling things like “super mom”. Looks can be deceiving right?

Around this time of year for the past couple years, my mind can’t help but to go back to December 2015 when I was a new mom of 3 babies, going through a divorce, and back at home with family. So that smile that you see was hiding severe depression, anxiety, worry, and an overwhelming sense of “what now?”

At that point in time I was broke and broken. Christmas was around the corner, I had just started back work from an extended maternity leave because of the twins being in the NICU, and I had just spent every dollar I had filing for divorce. I was out of patience and hope; I was only going through the motions of the day and getting lost in the responsibilities of being a mom.

My hope and faith in people was gone, until the night that my supervisor showed up at my doorstep with a gift box full of money that they had collected the week prior. I was shocked, thankful, and so appreciative. This was the beginning of the restoration of my faith.

So if I am ever ungrateful or just feeling like I can't go on I try to remind myself of how God brought me back from a rock bottom place that made me feel like I could never come back from. So those "strong friends" that you have who seem to have it all together...check on them; those people who you never see complain but you know they have a lot on their plate....see how they're doing. A lot of times people are holding in way more than you know and they're just waiting for that kind word, or listening ear. It may not seem like much to you but it means more than you will ever know.