Why God Hides Our Gifts

We’re 10 years apart and I can proudly say that I look up to her.

For as long as I can remember, my sister has loved the art and technique of dance. Our Mom loves to dance, and she danced throughout her entire pregnancy with my sister, so it came as no surprise that my sister inherited all that rhythm and love for dance.

Fast-forward into her adulthood, she’s now a college senior with many accomplishments, achievements, and experience under her belt. She’s been a member of her college dance team, she has her own non-profit organization, and she has organized several self-esteem building, and also dance centered events for the youth in our hometown. The response to these events has always been met with excitement and anticipation by many and then when the day comes, she was left with many excuses from registrants. But she never let that get her down or cause her to cancel her events; she always worked with the number she was given as if she had a studio full of dancers.

With all that hard work and long hours that she put in, being offered an opportunity to be the dance instructor for the first dance team that our Alma Mater has ever seen was just the blessing that she has been working for. But as with any other blessing, comes opposition from the devil. She’s been met with stumbling blocks and other things that have tried to keep her from shining, and she has tackled and defeated them head on, just like I knew she would.

God has a way of “hiding us” and protecting us from things until He knows that we are ready. Throughout the rough times that she has had, she never lost hope, so when her team performed for the first-time last week and did awesome, it was reveled to her exactly why God hid her and her talents. She never has or has had a point to prove to anyone, but I think it’s safe to say that her talents and her work have spoken for itself to those who had their doubts.

We don’t always know the reason why God delays our blessings, but in due time He reveals it all and most of the time He exceeds our expectations. My sister has given me a renewed spirit of patience and perseverance so that in my season of waiting, I can still work to my full potential and “keep on keeping on.”