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Who’s Going to Protect the Babies?

“Cupcake” could have easily been one of my children, or she could have been one of yours. Tragedy knows no race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. I won’t speak on the killers or anyone who we “think” may have had anything to do with her disappearance and murder because I don’t want to give them any more attention or “power” than they’ve already been given.

Kamille McKinney was someone’s everything; she was someone’s treasure; their pride and joy; their little blessing. And to take something so innocent and pure is a parent’s worst nightmare.

I prayed for her safe return home from the moment I learned of her going missing. She was continuously on my mind and I’m my heart. I felt like I knew this child personally, and my heart broke a little more each day that went by with no sign of her. All I could think of was my children. My heart went out to her parents, grandparents, and everyone whom this sweet baby meant something to. Then to watch the press conference confirming of her REMAINS being found, my heart sank. All of us that had been following this story were hurt, angry, and just in awe that someone could do this to a precious life that hadn’t even really begun to live yet. What could this precious baby have done for you to do this to her? Why would you take this child away from the people who loved her? These are questions that we may never get the answer to, and although, as sad as it is, there are many other cases like this (some have received publicity and some have not), this story just seemed to be a little more personal, and hit a little closer to home this time.

I’m sure I speak for many parents when I say that this story made us hug our babies a little tighter that night. Does it take something like this for us to really see the pure evil that walks this earth among us daily? Does this help us to get back to the times where we really do try and look out for not only our babies, but others’ too? As heartbreaking as this story is, I pray that it helps us to realize that we need to look out for ALL CHILDREN; and to not turn a blind eye to something that doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe we should learn to trust our gut just a little more. We’ve gotten to the point of “minding our business” so much that we’ve completely caste aside the days where we really looked out for others.

Let’s not let this precious baby’s story have fallen on deaf ears. Let this have been a wake up call to look out for not only our own babies but these other kids who may not have anyone to speak on their behalf. That precious baby’s time on earth was cut short, but let’s make sure that her time here was fulfilled, in that we keep from anything like this happening to another child.