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4 Ways to Boost Your Child's Confidence

As parents, we are our children’s first example, and the template of how to handle life, its circumstances, and everything that comes along with it. Whew! That’s lot of pressure, right? But think of it this way; you would much rather be the one to be teaching your child these things, than them picking it up from the outside world. It would certainly be nice if all kids were just automatically equipped with a lot of confidence and a “chin up” mentality? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and we as parents must make sure that we do things to encourage and promote self confidence in our babies. Some may be thinking that this would take a lot of effort and some mind-boggling tactics, but it doesn’t.

1. Lead by Example

It’s simple, if you want your little ones to have self-confidence, strength, and a strong will to really survive in this world, then it’s important to know that all of this starts at home. If they see you, striving, overcoming, and giving it your all, then they will want to pattern their parents, simply because this is how they were raised.

2. Praise their Efforts

You know those moments when your child is in their toddler years, and they will ask you to “look!” while they do something simple, but to them that was the absolute coolest thing that they’ve ever done. Of course, what they done was extremely simple, but they were proud just to show you what they could do. And then you pretend that it was so amazing. This is the exact same energy that it takes to praise a child’s effort. Don’t stop doing this after the toddler years, KEEP GOING. Children love to know that they are supported and loved.

3. Teach them to Embrace their Flaws

We all have things about ourselves that we aren’t particularly fond of, but to make a child self-conscious about themselves teaches them self-hate, and those negative vibes stick with them throughout life. Since the day my kids came into this world, I’ve made it a point to tell them how beautiful, smart and handsome that they are. My youngest has the cutest little gap in her top front teeth, and early on I showed her where her gap is, and I’ve told her that I love her little gap and her sweet little smile. This one sentence makes her smile so big and bright and I lov