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So What if She Parents Differently from You?

With the start of a new school year this week, and the excitement of all of the kids meeting their new teachers, seeing old friends, and getting adapted to new environments, I’m sure the parents are more excited than the kids. Not only has this time of the year built up anticipation for the parents and the kids, but for the curious minds, it has also triggered the questions of “Why didn’t you enroll your kids in school?” and “What are you waiting for?” in terms of the parents who chose not to send their kids to preschool programs. These questions have become the go-to questions for anyone whom I have had small talk with, and they realize that my kids don’t go to school yet. My oldest, (Marley) will be 5 years old this December, and my twins (Ayden and Ireland) will turn 4 years old next month (September). The daycare that my kids attend is awesome in terms of their learning program and all of the fundamentals that my children have acquired since they've been there. They know shapes, colors, they can count to 100, and spell and write their first and last names among other things.

I’ve seen many kids that are around the same age as my children, whose parents have enrolled them into Preschool programs, and as long as that works for their household then I see nothing wrong with it, however, I’ve never felt pressured to make any certain decision based off of anyone else’s opinions, especially when it comes to how I parent my children. In fact, when I was my kids' age my Mother never even enrolled me into any type of Preschool program; I started school in Kindergarten and I had been taught everything that I needed to know by the time I started. Guilt tripping or “Mom shaming” is something that no Mom wants to deal with, especially since the world can already be mean and cruel enough, without us criticizing each other. I take pride in teaching my babies the importance of loving themselves, accepting their flaws and accepting others and their imperfections as well, and it's for that reason that I would hate for them to become some of those very same people who are socially closed minded to all of the differences and flaws that make us all who we are. So when you see a Mom who’s made a less popular decision about how she wants her children’s education to be, or a Mom who has chosen a road less traveled in terms of the way she raises her kids, please don’t shame her, don’t criticize her, and don’t try to make her feel bad, but instead lift her up. You don’t know how it made her feel for her parenting skills, her choices and the way she raises her children to be up for debate and picked apart by people who have no idea of the dynamic of her and her kids and what’s best for them. Don’t put another woman down just because she parents differently from you.