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Knowing When God is Asking More of You

Have you ever been to a point in life where you knew that God was asking more of you, and is requiring more from you in order to get closer to Him but you were unsure of which way to turn?

Some may have experienced this, and there may be some who haven’t reached this point in life yet. In my case, at the age of 30, God placed something on my heart and was telling me and sending me sign after sign that He wanted more from me. As I’ve previously discussed, I prayed for confirmation, and confirmation is what I received. I surrendered and I said, “Ok God, I trust You and I’m obeying You, but I have no clue where to even start with this blog”. God said that He would never leave nor forsake us, so I stepped out on faith and started a blog from scratch, being self-taught in every aspect of blogging.

Fast forward a year into this journey, and I’ve learned more about myself and more about God and God’s love for me than I think I’ve learned in my entire 31 years of living. This past year was an eye opener, but it didn’t come without its share of heartaches, disappointments and very lonesome moments however, throughout this whole journey God never once left my side.

By this time, you’re probably sitting there wondering “How is it that she was lonesome, but at the same time she said that God never left her side?”

God took me through a time of separation; separation from things that I once saw as familiar and routine, and away from things that were the “norm” for me and my everyday life.

You see, we all know that a plane cannot fly properly if it is over it’s weight limit; and just like a plane, we also can sometimes be bogged down with so much baggage and dead weight that no matter what calling God has on our lives, it is merely impossible to fly when you’re over your weight limit. I don’t mean physical weight, but spiritual. You may be bogged down with past resentment, insecurity, worry, or just cluttered relationships, friendships or connections that may have reached their expiration date, or just may be in a season of hiatus from these things and people. Whatever the case may be, God sends us signs and confirmation on what it is that He needs us to take inventory of in order to get to the next level that He’s trying to take us.

Praying for confirmation and being afraid of the answer is one of the most nerve wrecking feelings, but when you know God for yourself and you trust his word, then you know that whatever the outcome is that YOU WILL BE FINE.