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At What Age Do You Take Your Kids to the Library and Why

As my little ones’ knowledge and comprehension level climb more and more each day, I pondered the idea of taking them on their very first visit to the library. The twins will be 4 in September, and Marley will be turning 5 in December so I felt like now is just as good of a time as ever. We had our “talk” before going inside so that they knew that the library is a quiet place where people go to read and study, and I must say that I was really impressed. Although we read at home all the time, I have my reasons as to why I felt like now is the time to expose my babies to the library environment. Soon my kids will be going to Pre-K and Kindergarten, and I want all three of them to know the behavior that is expected of them once they go to the library and are in those quiet types of settings. I want them to know what type of things will be expected. They were excited, but I must say that they kept the noise level to a minimum. I want my children to feel the freedom of choosing their own reading material, so that they can find what interests them. To me, this comes with finding their own individuality and uniqueness, and it also builds self esteem.

Library visits create a nice, cool summer activity, that doesn’t include any of those outside activities that has us all miserably hot in the middle of summer. The kids are not the only ones who were interested in finding a book. Although the kids had their own choice of books, SO DID I🤗. As I combed through the selection of books, Paige Britt, Sean Quails, and Selena Alko’s book entitled “Why am I?”

This book helped to open the door and start the discussion of the diversity in our world today. I was asked questions like “why is her face pink?” And “what color am I?” but I was so intrigued that this book opened the door for a conversation about race, diversity, and people of different cultures. Honestly, I was just as excited about this library trip as my little munchkins. It put a smile on my face that I’m blessed with the ability to expose my children to great reading material and things that really keep their little minds occupied. So I think its safe to say that I can cross our first library visit off the list and give myself a pat on the back.

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