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It's Our 1 Year Blogaversary!!

It was exactly 1 year ago, to the day, that I sat nervously at a computer, staring at a blog site that I had built from scratch on my own. I started out not even knowing how to build a website, or any of the proper ways to blog; all I knew was that I had always had a passion for writing, and that God had placed it on my heart to tell my story so that someone else would know exactly how good He (God) is.

This first year was filled with highs, lows, and in betweens. I made mistakes, I met new people, and I was met with new opportunities; and all of this was happening to me and for me because I surrendered to God and stopped running from the journey that He was calling me on.

An extremely shy introvert who was scared to introduce herself in a room full of 20 people, turned into a confident woman who comfortably goes live on social media to promote and talk about her business. A computer keyboard and all my constant brainstorming became my sanctuary; it was home for me. Everything flowed naturally, and nothing seemed out of place.

Now fast forward to July 13th, 2019 and here I am more experienced, more confident, and leaving my hands open to catch all of the blessings that God is throwing my way. I thank You Lord for trusting me with such an important task such as showing others the art of forgiveness and love.

Thanks to my supporters and the people who stay up late with me some nights just to listen to my thoughts, dreams and goals. And an extra big thanks to my prayer warriors who make sure that myself and my business are covered in prayer. I promise to make you proud!