Hello July!

Ahhhhh....Hello July! We welcome you with open arms and open minds.

July is and will always be my favorite month of the year because it’s my birth month. It opens a new chapter, it breathes a breath of fresh air and sunny vibes into my soul, and as of about 4 years ago I’ve been taking birthdays a bit more serious, in that there’s things that I’ve been through that might not have allowed me to see another year so I celebrate with humbleness and joy in my heart. July now also has a brand new meaning for me because it’s the month that I started Mama Zee and Her 3. It’s the month that I finally stopped running from the will of God and started taking this walk more serious. There was work to be done and I was up for the task. So with this being a new month, but to me, a moth that’s a little more special than the rest, I say I welcome you blessings, I welcome you peace, and I welcome you overflow. We’re walking like we already got it!