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Are You Putting Forth as Much Effort on Those Dreams as You Thought?

Hey Mama, We’re 6 months into 2019 and the progress has been phenomenal! Although these last few months have seen its fair share of disappointment, I must admit, the good has outweighed the bad. No situation is, nor will it ever be, perfect but the growth that I’ve seen in myself and my journey in these last few months is indescribable. These months seem to have flown by, and that should be even the more reason for us to get serious about our dreams, goals, and our outlook on the last six months of this year. It’s time to give yourself a progress report and a self check for these past six months. Have we been as serious about working on our goals as we had liked to? Have we kept the toxicity and bad vibes (people and situations) away? Have we remained focused?

Sit in the cold hard truth of your progress, or lack of progress, and then think of ways where you know you could go even harder to try and make things happen. The dreams and goals that I’ve set for myself won’t get done by just sitting and letting life pass me by and I can say without a shadow of doubt that I’m putting in ALL of the effort it takes to get things done, and I hope you do the same. So keep that prayer in your spirit, stay motivated, and ALWAYS be true to yourself in all aspects and the success will follow. Best wishes Mama!