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Showing my Babies the Importance of their Brown Skin

*This content isn't to bash or belittle any other race, but to show the importance of teaching our children to be proud of who they are and where they come from.

From the time that we enter this world, until the day we die, the things that we see and experience in our daily lives is what shapes our views and opinions on so many different levels. Although we’ve come a very long way as a society, the representation of people of color in the media has either been in some ways “watered down” to make us "blend in", we've been misrepresented as a whole, or either there has been an absence of diversity altogether. This is why I strive so hard to show my kids more people who look like them in the community, in the media, and in books doing positive things. I need my babies to know that there are no limits to the things that they can achieve, and that anything is possible. Growing up, I was always shown these things, so that I knew that I was capable of doing anything that I put my mind to as well and I will forever be grateful.

As a Mother, I feel like I owe it to my children and to myself to make sure that they see and know the beauty of their own skin, their flaws, and everything that makes them unique. Each one of my children have different complexions and I tell them daily that Mommy loves that little caramel skin, that sweet little light brown complexion, and my little brown skinned beauty. They need this; their self confidence and dignity depend on it, because lets face it, colorism within our community has been an issue for a while as well. And it's so ironic that as much backlash and hard times that we tend to have JUST BEING BLACK, we still sometimes hear it coming from our own. I’ve always made it a habit to tell my babies each and everyday how beautiful and smart they are, and exactly how loved they are in this family. I wouldn't ever want either one of them to ever feel inferior because of the "shade of their melanin". It is only by showing our kids the greatness that they possess in the very skin they're in, with their kinky hair and brown complexion, that they will truly be able to be proud of everything that makes them black; because one day these little ones whom we've instilled all of this knowledge into, will be future heads of offices, surgeons, lawyers, and any other position that they respectfully work their way up to. They will depend on the firm foundation that we laid for them, and hopefully that pride will continue for generations to come. I want to give a huge thank you to a fellow mom with a beautiful heart and spirit who also takes pride in showing her children positive representations of people of color. Thanks Dequetta Holloway; you were a huge reason for this content. I hope you know exactly how awesome you are❤️