Open Letter To the Mom with the Unsettled Spirit

Dear Mom with the unsettled spirit,

Your purpose on this earth goes far beyond being a mother or wife. Your babies and/or your marriage compliment you, but they do not define who you are.

To the Mom who has that unsettled spirit and that “in between feeling” of being content with your current situation and knowing that God has more for you, I have felt this. I know the feeling, I’ve cried the tears, and I was in that same position not too long ago. I wrestled with the calling that God placed on my life to be a vessel for those who may have been through the same situations as I. I was ashamed, I was afraid, and I was unsure. I ran, I tried to block it out, and I tried to dismiss it. At that point in time, this person who God was asking me to be was not what I wanted, and it was not what I was used to. I wanted to stay within my zone of comfort and keep living life the same way that I had been doing before.

I’ve felt all these feelings before; wondering what my purpose was, what the future held for me, and how I would know when it came along. As I still travel this road myself, praying and pressing my way through, in the process I’ve prayed for clarity from God so that He may clear the path for me and rid my journey of any unnecessary debris of negativity and ill intentions. I’ve prayed for the strength to make it through those tough times where it seems like I’m down to nothing and nothing seems to go right. And I’ve prayed for discernment, so that I know when it is time to part ways with anything or anyone whom doesn’t have my best interest at heart. This process has not been easy and although there are times when I have felt like giving up, I remember why I started in the first place; to give God the glory and to help someone else in the process.

Finally surrendering to that calling and coming to God with a humble heart and spirit and letting Him know that you are ready is a great feeling. This doesn’t make the process easy, because of course we will all still stumble, but each stumble is worth every bit of peace I feel now. Your calling may not be my calling and mine may not be yours, but when God asks you to move your feet, just trust Him and go. Although I feel that I am doing God’s will and enjoying every minute of it, I’ll let you in on a little secret….I know that He’s still not done with me yet and I know that there is more work to be done! So, to that I say, “I’m ready when You are Lord!”


A transitioning Mommy

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