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To the Mom who’s at the End of Her Rope

I don’t know how tough of a time you may have had last night with your little ones; I don’t know what time you were finally able to get into bed, and I don’t know how many times you had to say “go to bed!” before they actually drifted off to sleep. What I do know is that last night my oldest had multiple tantrums that she was disciplined for multiple times; I had to hear “I’m thirsty” countless times, and by the time I was able to get some peace and quiet my eyes were heavy and I felt like nothing had been accomplished. My journey is not your journey, and yours is not mine. I’ve felt like giving up more times than I can remember, I’ve been depressed, tired, and felt like I was at the end of my rope. People have all types of opinions about how you should raise your kids, and what they would do if they were you, but the truth is that if they had a day in your shoes they wouldn’t even make it past morning.

As Moms sometimes we tend to think that even when we express how tired, or depleted, or defeated we feel, that we must still follow that statement with “but I love my kids”. Truth is, we know that you love your kids, and we know that you would give them the world if you could, but sometimes you just have to say “I’m tired”, “I need a break”, “I feel like I’m losing it”...and then just put the period after it. It’s perfectly fine to admit how you feel; it won’t make you look like anything less than a woman or a mother. This makes you HUMAN. So that “perfect mom” that you’re comparing yourself to on social media or wherever you know her from is somewhere behind closed doors feeling like she’s about to (excuse my language) lose her shit too. That is motherhood, that is life and those feelings are NORMAL. The important thing to do in times like these are to stop for a second and take a break when you can; self care is something that you should actually practice, not just talk about. And no you don’t have to go and get a massage, or a pedicure, or read a book. Self care can simply be sitting in the car alone for a few more minutes after you get home, just to clear your mind; it can be taking the long way home from work just to get a few more minutes of peace and quiet. Self care is doing something that gives you joy and peace and replenishes you, no matter how small or big of a thing you do. you’ll be able to come back with a clearer mind and heart that will help you to step back into things with more rational thinking. We need those little mental breaks every once in a while to keeps us encouraged.