Knowing When God Wants More for You

When God begins to show us our purpose, sometimes we will feel it right then and obey, but sometimes, we tend to run from it. When that happens, He does things to get our attention. Those day to day routines become uncomfortable, unbearable and that’s when you must realize that it’s time to shift and move higher. He wants us to do better, aim higher, dream bigger and make those things happen that you never in your wildest dreams would have ever thought about doing. I saw a quote a while back that said “Your comfort zone will kill you” and I couldn’t agree more. Just because you’re a Mom, or you’ve dropped out of college several times, or you keep getting discouraged about that business that you try to start, doesn’t mean you should feel like it’s too late or think that it may not be for you. Maybe God is telling you that He has bigger for you, or He sees more for you.

I went to college for four years studying Elementary Education on a full scholarship, dropped out and came home searching for a job, not knowing what kind I was looking for, but just knowing that I wanted to work. I got a job in a field that I knew nothing about and wasn’t even sure if I’d like it; at that point in time, they were hiring, and I didn’t want to depend on my family for money. I walked into a room with more computer monitors that I felt like I could even deal with, and sat down and studied and learned and took in all of this information that was once foreign to me and when I really GOT IT, it was like I was meant to be there; looking back now to that moment 8 years ago, I can say for sure that I WAS MEANT TO BE THERE. I wasn’t there by chance or coincidence. God took me out of a situation, that I thought was my calling, just to shift me to something that I had never even given a thought.

Just when I had gotten fully comfortable in the day to day routine of being a single Mom and 911 dispatcher, just going through the motions of each day, God decided to shake things up again. Just before my 30th birthday last year I started getting this feeling of discomfort spiritually. I didn’t know what it was, and I had never felt this way before. My spirit became so uncomfortable, and so confused, that it made me cry out to God and ask him “What is it that you need for me to do now Lord?” “How can I help someone else?” “What is this feeling in my spirit?” And from that questionable spirit and that time that I spent with God alone, birthed “Mama Zee and Her 3”. He took me from a shy, introverted, hurt and lost individual and started molding me, shaping me, and putting it into my spirit that it was time to showcase my talent and add a new hobby and a new source of income to my resume.

Sometimes that state of confusion and discomfort is blessing you. God knows that without a push, some of us won’t move, so if you won’t move your feet, He has a way of making your current situation so uncomfortable that you have to move, and when He moves you from there, it’s forwards and no backwards. Trust that “gut feeling”; it’s not just in your head. Sometimes we pray for signs and when we get them, we still question everything. Go for it! It’s OK to be a little afraid but just know that He didn’t bless you with these dreams and ideas just to leave you with no plan; He’s got a plan and He knows exactly what He’s doing❤️