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Choose Your Battles Wisely!

This “growth” thing is no easy conquest!

Overcoming the obstacles and having to tackle the curve-balls that are thrown your way is hard enough, but when you start to realize that there are some battles worth fighting and some that are not, that’s the kicker! You would think that it would be easy to sift out the issues that aren’t worth your energy but sometimes it’s not.

I think that when making any life altering decision we should think long term. We should think about the impact that the decision will have on us in the long run and if we’re able to deal with the consequences, whether they be good or bad. Sometimes when we choose to toughen out a battle seeking a greater outcome, it may be easier to decide to brace the storm, but what happens when you’re faced with a choice of having to fight a battle when you’re unsure of what the outcome may be, and you’re not even sure if it’s worth the struggle? Something to think about right? A major thing to always consider is, “is this battle that I’m fighting even mine to begin with?” At times we tend to take on issues that aren’t even ours to tackle. I’ve done this several times before and almost every time it ended in me being the one who lost; I lost and wasted time, money, energy and feelings. And from that I ultimately realized that those battles that I was taking on weren’t even mine to begin with, and that I probably should have left them alone. Throughout each situation I’ve been through, whether it ended negatively, or somewhat had a sweeter outcome, the main thing that I can say is that I LEARNED. I learned what to do, what not to do, who’s genuine, and who is not. I may have taken on some battles that were truly not even mine, but I can bet that through all the things that I lost, the amount of experience, strength, and a heightened sense of my woman’s intuition grew from it. From these things I learned, going forward, to dodge the battles that aren’t mine to fight, and I found the strength to fight through the ones that are. I thank God for the wisdom that I am gaining through it all, and I don’t regret a thing❤️