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Turn Your Passion Into a Paycheck

If you love it, then why not do it for a living? I think sometimes, more than anything, it’s our fear that holds us back from pursuing our passions and goals. I know that from personal experience, I talked myself out of blogging many times before I actually obeyed the will of God, and just stepped out on faith to actually pursue the thing that I was called to do. Now of course you may not be able to just dive head first into your calling, but by taking steps daily to prepare yourself, you will have eased right into your calling before you know know it, and if you’re dedicated and patient enough, the business will come. There are many things that you can start doing RIGHT NOW to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

My first plan of action when I was thinking about blogging was PRAYER; I talk to God daily, multiple times a day, but I prayed for clarity and understanding that the path I was choosing was one that was sent from Him (God). I wanted to make sure that the ideas that I had and the plan that God had for me were one in the same. So when I received confirmation that the desires of my heart were in line with the desires of God’s, that for me, was the “OK” that I needed. I then began researching anything blog related that I felt would help get me started so that I just wouldn’t be going into the world of blogging with “blinders” on. Now of course I needed to do this with blogging, but make no mistake, that just because you may be looking into going into a completely different area, there is still research that needs to be done. If you’re serious about about what you’re trying to do, the library and the internet will become your best friends. Although my funds are VERY limited, being a single mom of 3, I knew that in order to grow this business that I am very serious about, I would have to set aside a few coins and make a few sacrifices. Now of course, the sacrifices that I made, were in no way, shape, or form anything that was taking away from my children’s necessities but instead I cut off a few of my own luxuries just to make the room for other expenses that were needed for my blog. The old saying is true “it takes money to make money”. Time management is another major part of this process because if you’re anything like me, you have a very busy life and probably see no wiggle room to fit in another business endeavor, but if this is the purpose that God placed you in, then you will be able to set aside the time or plan for the time to work on your business. This purpose wasn’t placed on you without a divine plan, so whether it be an hour or just 30 minutes here or there that you can squeeze in, DO IT because every little bit helps. Taking a chance and deciding to branch out and do your own thing in the professional world is a major step and shouldn’t be taken lightly, so when deciding that this is something you want to pursue you should always make sure that your heart is in it; that way when you get up everyday to do it, it won’t feel like work. You’ll also be able to do your job with love and joy in your heart. I only blog and freelance part time because I still do have a primary source of income, which also happens to be a passion of mine as well, which is dispatching; I love helping people and, if I may say so myself, I’m pretty darn good at it (patting myself on the back)! I’m thankful that I have two jobs that make me happy, and I know, without a doubt, that I was placed into both of them for a reason. And no matter how much support you get, or don’t get, ALWAYS KEEP GOING. Your blessing comes through your perseverance and consistency, so never look at a bump in the road as a stopping point, but instead just think of it as a speed bump and get over it!