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You’ve Come too Far! -Wednesday Wisdom

Anyone who has ever really been through something that was so rough, you didn’t even know the words to say to help pray yourself out of, knows the value of peace of mind; whether you ended up choosing to have it or not. You know what it feels like to know you need to do better, but the convenience of what’s familiar keeps bringing you back. You know the back and forth tug of war with your own ego of knowing that you could do better, but not wanting to sacrifice your pride when you admit that the people closest to you were right all along. All of these things you know and you’ve felt at one time or another deep down in your soul, and truth is, if God brought you out of that situation and you get a taste of having freedom, peace of mind, and just overall bliss that you don’t remember having before, you probably don’t ever want to go back. So when familiar situations that resemble anything from that time, try and resurface, you recognize it quicker than you would have ever noticed it before.

Sometimes those familiar situations are sent back around to us to test our faith and to make sure that we’ve learned our lesson the first time. If you feel like you’re being made to compromise and give up the very essence of what makes you YOU, then it’s definitely not worth it. Don’t let all of your healing and progress go in vain, go with your gut; you know what feels right!