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You Know Why You’re Not Growing! -Wednesday Wisdom

Sometimes when we’re waiting on God for something, and we feel like we have done everything required of us, we sit there and wonder “Why am I not getting blessed?”.

Often times God has already sent us the signs, gave us the directions, and has done everything but come and sit in front of us to let us know that He wants us to change our environment. You can do everything that you feel like you need to do to see progress, but if the environment in which you’re doing it in doesn’t nurture or support your growth, then everything you’ve done is in vain. Sometimes our surroundings (whether familiar or not) no longer give us the nourishment that we need to continue growing.

God sends us signs when we need to change our environment, sometimes we just ignore them because that environment has become so familiar and routine for us that we’re reluctant to change it. That flower may not be growing, not because of who or what it is, but it may have simply outgrown the pot! Uproot it, replant it and watch it GROW!