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Everything Must Go!

Spring has sprung and the weather is nice (although unpredictable right now), but there’s something about spring that makes me want to go on a spring cleaning binge; I’m talking about closets, dressers and my life…YES, MY LIFE. Although I’ve already been changing certain aspects and prioritizing things on a regular basis lately, this weather makes me want to do an overhaul (lol).

Those seasonal people who only come around every once in a while to check and make sure that you’re not doing better than them…DECLUTTER, those leftover thoughts and feelings of worthlessness and hurt…DECLUTTER, those people whom you keep around, although you know that they’re harmful to your growth…DECLUTTER; this is an overhaul and complete reconstruction of your life and to the things that have been stunting your growth. You’ve been in denial about it long enough, and to those things and people that have overstayed their welcome you have got to say EVERYTHING MUST GO! I know it may feel funny to release them, but if they’re not helping you grow then what are you holding on to?

Now while being able to let go of things and people who have over stayed their welcome in this season is beneficial, let’s not forget to look inward as well for some rearranging and reconstruction. Know that just because you have identified those things and you’re taking steps to let go of things looking outward, let’s not neglect ourselves because sometimes some of that toxicity comes from within as well. We can sometimes be harmful to ourselves and not even know it. Asking God to reveal to you the toxic traits and behaviors that you exhibit, and then removing them from you are necessary as well because remember...we all have room to grow.

It’s time to unpack that garage full of stuff (metaphorically speaking) that we’ve hoarded for so long that we no longer need. It’s time to make room for more positive and useful things that are going to get us closer to our goals and dreams, and that help us to see our visions through. In this season we are unpacking, decluttering, and cleaning it all out. So turn on your favorite motivational music that’s going to help you get going and let’s go; we’ve got work to do!

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