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Yes!...Your Kids Probably will Curse!

Of course I’ve known for some time now, that kids are just like sponges and that they soak up all of the things that we do and say around them, so I’ve always been mindful of even the conversations that I have that I think they don’t hear because I know those little ears are always open, but who knew that kids would be so fascinated with curse words??! I’m no perfect parent and neither is any other parent, so from time to time of course I let a few words slip in front of my kids that I probably shouldn’t say, but the fact that they are so amused at those words at this age is quite compelling. Now for the “mom shamers” and those who are quick to judge, of course I correct my kids and discipline them when they say things that they aren’t supposed to say, but this is just one of those milestones and awkward phases that are part of a child’s life at this age (3 and 4 years old), that no one seems to talk about.

One of the other discovery moments at this age kind of go hand in hand with the swearing, and that is picking up bad habits from other children. I haven’t experienced this aspect as much with my twins as I have with my 4-year-old, Marley. Those who know Marley, know that her comprehension level is way above the average 4 year old comprehension level so I’m able to talk to her about the right and wrong things to do a little more in depth than with the twins, but somehow she seems to find it amusing to still do some of these things as well from time to time. Just as I previously mentioned, there have also been consequences and repercussions for her actions and she knows that, but somehow still tends to test her limits, and my patience.

Even though kids soak up some of the not so good things like sponges, they are also able to soak up the positive and educational things that they are exposed to as well, as long as they are constantly encouraged to. Proud Mommy moment: my oldest can write her first and last name legibly all on her own and all three of my children can spell their names, recognize and spell basic colors, they can count to 40 and are very respectful to others among other things, because they will always know that “mommy means business when it comes to school work”. So for any of the new parents or parents to be, of course we all have the high expectation of “my kid won’t do that”, but we’ve got to realize that our babies have minds of their own and once they are around their peers in daycare, preschool and beyond, we won’t be there to monitor them, but if we instill the proper things in them at home, you can bet that they won’t forget.