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Sunday Self Care/Weekend Wrap Up

Sundays are for self-care, right? At least that’s what we all like for it to be for right? Well, for me and my 3 Sundays are also for taking some cute pics without the hustle and bustle of a busy week. It’s the first beautiful weekend of spring here and I love to take advantage of pretty weather and letting nature be our backdrop.

Yesterday was a lot of fun and also very busy for me and the little ones (and for my support team consisting of my Mom and my Aunt). I decided that it was time for a little “revamping” of my site so yesterday the kids and I took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham to meet up with an awesome photographer to do a shoot for the website. I’m so excited about how everything turned out and I can’t wait to add the pictures to the site, but in the meantime, I figured you all would enjoy a pic of my cuties that I decided to take today since it was so beautiful outside! Now as for me, I think the rest of the day will consist of me catching up on this week’s content, while simultaneously settling fights and receiving sweet hugs and from my little ones.

#SelfCare #weekendFun