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Bloggers You Should Know

Blogging is not jut some overnight thing that happens, and then you come out successful in a day's time. There is a lot of hard work, research, and mentoring (if you’re fortunate enough to have it) that comes along with being a successful blogger because let’s face it...none of us know it all. In this line of work its always good to have people in your corner who have experienced some of the same struggles as you, who are in similar situations as you, and ultimately someone who you can simply feed positive energy and vibes off on. There are some bloggers that have made a major impact on me on this journey in so many ways, and there’s no way that I could keep these gems to myself; their positive energy and great information is what makes me feel like these are some ladies who have blogs that you need to check out.

When I first began this journey, one of the first bloggers that I started following was @shaylamarie85 who is an Instagram blogger; she’s a married mom of one beautiful baby girl. Her very descriptive posts filled with beautiful flat lays, fun family time and wonderful content detailing her day are just some of the things that I look forward to when I read her posts daily. She’s one of those bloggers to follow if you too are a blogger and looking for inspiration and guidance on creative content with photos. Her photography is amazing!

Another great and experienced blogger to follow is Lauren Floyd, who is the creator of honeycombmoms.com This site is stuck out to me because Lauren created this blog site and incorporated several different moms from all walks of life and they detail and publish very informative content that is able to reach Moms who have similar questions about all different types of situations. This site is caters to everyone from the expectant mother, to the mother who’s just trying to find the perfect way to wear her head wrap. If you're a Mommy and you're looking for some great parenting content, you should definitely check her out.