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Hide your Valuables

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you’re doing great, growing and glowing, but it seems like each level of growth has some type of obstacle or anchor attached to it that tries to drag you right back down? It’s bittersweet right? You’re saying to yourself, “I’m being obedient and doing what I was called to do and I’m walking in my purpose, but why are there new devils with each level that I approach?” You see all of these other people who aren’t really trying to better themselves, don’t care how things go and aren’t really working towards anything and you say, “why does it seem like certain things just fall in their lap with no effort?” Well as hard as it is to believe, the devil blesses too. Those who aren’t really working to attain anything or get ahead in life, he already has them where he wants them, but you on the other hand have a gift and an assignment and he’s trying to test you to see if you’ll give up and come with him too. Remember, thieves don’t rob empty houses. Why would they break into a house with nothing in it?

Yesterday I encountered someone who disrespected me with their words, basically in one sentence. Now although I’ve come a long way from the shy, timid little girl who used to wear her heart on her sleeve, I’m still human and words do hurt (and if anyone says otherwise they’re wrong). My instant reaction was shock that someone would actually say that, and immediately after I felt the anger, sadness, and enough defeat to make me go back into depression mode. I’m sure by now you’re wondering “what was said?”, but I refuse to give those words anymore power or acknowledgement that I did that night. Now years ago, I probably would have sat and let those words marinate in my thoughts and in my spirit long enough to consume every shred of my self worth into nothing, but now, I know better, I’m confident in who I am, and I know which direction I’m headed. After I had my 30 minutes of feeling sorry for myself, feeling defeated, unappreciated and disrespected, I thought to myself “I am the very first example of strength and confidence that my kids get to see and there’s no way I can sit here wallowing in some words that were spoken to me by someone so insignificant to my growth” “I means, what does that say about me?” So I brushed off the BS, and got back to being the woman that I know I am. That incident was the prime example of what I meant by that anchor trying to drag you back when you’re doing well. When they know that you’re making progress towards healing, and that you hold so many gems of joy, peace and love inside of you, of course that thief is coming to try and break in; you’ve got valuables that are worth more than money. So honey hold your head high and know that when those thieves of joy have started to come more and more, it’s because you’re close; you’re close to your goal, you’re close to your destiny, and you’re close to your target. Don’t give in and hold on to your VALUABLES boo💎