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Moments to Cherish with Your Toddler

Sure, the little ones can be a handful, but I know that as quickly as these days, weeks and months pass by, so are these precious moments. We sometimes spend so much time “wishing” for the days when they are older and able to do things on their own, that we forget to soak up those precious moments that we’re having with them at the present time; After all, they won’t be toddlers for long and pretty soon they won’t need us as much as they do now. There are several moments (of course, all won’t be named) that I think we as parents of toddlers should cherish.

1.) Those moments when you do the smallest thing for your little one(s), and to them, it is the greatest thing in the world. These are the sweet moments when, to them, Mommy (and/or daddy if he is in the picture) is their super hero and that person that they look up to. They look at you with a wonder and happiness in their eyes and, for me, that is the best thing ever.

2.) Toddlers seem to be so fearless and bold with many things that they do. This is sometimes not the best thing, being that they can get a little mischievous at times, but nevertheless they have a sense of bravery about them in the toddler stage that I, sometimes wish I had as an adult.

3.) To me “toddler talk” is one of the cutest things ever. To some it can be a bit frustrating because the toddler talk can be a little hard to understand, but if you’re the parent, then I’m sure you can pretty much decipher almost everything they say. And besides, as embarrassing as it was, I laughed way too hard at the fact that my youngest (the twin Ireland) said out loud, so that everyone could hear, that I was “passing gas” when I was at the gas station PUMPING GAS (lol).

4.) Those random moments when my babies tell me “I love you Mama” or the sweet little kisses on my nose that they give me, and how dare I forget about those huge hugs around my neck, make me want to hold them tight and never let go. Those are the moments that I live for. It lets me know that I’m doing something right.

As stressful as life can be daily as a (single) parent, I try to make sure that I don’t overlook any opportunities for the small talk, the sweet embraces and any little thing that my babies need me for. I want them to know that I’ll always be here for them with open arms and an understanding heart, no matter how old they get.