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Saturday Substance

Being the woman who sees another woman flourishing and glowing and being able to compliment her says a lot about you as a person. Seeing a woman who is hurting and needing some source of uplifting and guidance and being able to step in and give her a kind word, some encouragement, or just a shoulder to lean on is a beautiful thing. Being able to step in an contribute to the growth and nourishment of another person by fertilizing her soil with support and love is nothing short of a beautiful spirit and shows growth within yourself. Love yourself enough to know that if another person is hurting and is needing a boost of confidence, it takes no amount of shine or attention from her to help them. If it’s nothing more than a “YESSS GIRL!” or a “I SEE YOU SIS!”, tell them. What a great feeling it is to love yourself enough to know that you’re willing to bless someone else with those dope vibes!

Happy Saturday!