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Wednesday Wisdom

Have you ever been through a period of time where you were confused, uninspired, and just questioning your purpose? This was me 3 years ago; fast forward to today and I’m confident, strong, and I’ve never been more sure of my purpose in my life. Looking back on it all, every bit of hardship, tough time and every single disappointment has molded me into the woman that I am and the woman that I am still evolving into today. Sometimes when we’re going through storms, we tend to wonder “at what point will the clouds break?” It seems like you go through rough patch after rough patch with no breaks in between. Every day seems the same as the day before and it feels like there’s no change in sight, and then over time you start to see the clouds break, the rain slacks, and the path gets a bit clearer. While you were worrying and stressing God was delicately and intricately working on things and changing your situation around for you and you never even noticed it. If you’re still going through... HOLD ON. Continue to let God be the anchor that keeps you grounded while the storms rage around you; He won’t leave our or forsake you. Just stay the course.