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You're not alone..

To the woman who feels that she has to be everything that everyone needs her to be from the time her feet touch the floor before the sun rises, until the time that she closes her eyes at night; I just want you to know that I see you. To the woman who tries to keep busy every minute of the day, just so you won’t have time to feel those feelings of loneliness, confusion and sometimes depression, I see you. Of course I don’t see you physically, but with every fiber of my being I feel you and I understand all of this because I am also YOU.

All those feelings of just wanting some “me time”, and then when you finally do get it, you feel guilty for getting out for a few hours, I feel that. Getting frustrated and screaming at the kids sometimes because you feel like that’s the only way that you can get through to them; you’re not alone, I do that too. Feeling so guilty afterwards and wanting to do nothing but hold your sweet babies and apologize to them when you see them sleeping so peacefully…that is me. Truth is, there are no perfect people and no perfect parents, and no matter what level of success you reach, or what the status in your personal life changes to, know that those moments will still happen, and those feelings are normal. You’re only human, and those feelings are natural; children respond to true genuine love that they are shown, and they know when they’re receiving it. Stop tearing yourself down and as hard as it is, give yourself a chance to feel those feelings of hurt and inadequacy so that you can continue your healing. Your story is still being written, just walk in accordance to His plan and everything else will fall into place.

#MomGuilt #Depression