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Monday Motivation

There’s some of us who are that “go to” person when it comes to people needing favors, advice, encouragement, and just comfort and a kind word in general, but who do we turn to when we need to be refueled? Who do we talk to when all of those people that we’ve helped are busy, or just don’t have time? I think that it was best explained by “Mr Quiet Storm” on Instagram. Being that “go to” person is a gift that not everyone has the privilege of being blessed with, but it also carries its own hardships and battles. It was explained as the “go to” person being the gas pump at the gas station, and the ones who come to us for help as the cars. People continually come to us “go to” people for comfort and help but once they drain us dry, how do we get refueled? Where do we turn to for help? Just as the gas pumps have to have the tankers to come and refuel them, so do we. When I’m needing to be refueled and rejuvenated, I turn to my faith. I had been feeling a bit empty and uninspired all weekend, but on Sunday I received the word and encouragement that I needed to keep me going.

I know that there are many others who feel the same way that I do, and feel that they are the person that everyone turns to for guidance, but just know that even when you feel like you have no one, that is far from the truth. Focus on your faith, remember why you began doing your great works in the first place, and don’t let anyone dampen your spirit or make you feel like you should be carrying their burdens and being accountable for their happiness. You deserve to be happy too, without carrying the weight of everyone else’s. It’s time for you to be happy and do what satisfies you❤️