Wednesday Wisdom

I think sometimes the word “growth” is misunderstood. We tend to think that, as long as we’re moving forward at a steady pace that we’re growing and evolving, and this is true, but have you ever thought about the fact that you can still be “growing” during a setback? During your growth period sometimes, setbacks are necessary to pause things so that God can clear the path for you to proceed when He says it’s safe go on. Have you ever thought about the fact that God saw the danger coming way before you could, and He halted your progress to keep you out of harm’s way? Setbacks also help us realize how far we’ve come (as crazy as that sounds), because although it may seem like you’ve been taken a few steps back, often times if you look back, you’ll see that you’re still further than where you started.

Setbacks will come, stagnancy will happen, and disappointments may come too, but that’s ok. How will you be able to appreciate the sun when it shines if you never have any rain? Instead, embrace the rain, embrace the storms and learn to rejoice through it all. I don’t have it all together, but I’ve learned to keep joy in my heart regardless of how things look. Regardless of what things look like, keep your head up, keep a smile, and rejoice in your waiting.