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The Killer of Confidence

This topic is pretty near and dear to my heart because it is something that I dealt with for a while during my elementary school days; it’s something that I have yet to encounter with my own children and I pray that I never have to. And it is a horrible thing for a child and that child’s parents to go through; this thing is called BULLYING. When I was younger I got teased for having a big forehead, long, thick hair and for the way that I dressed. Later in life I realized that all of these things are what made me unique and that the only reason for so much ridicule was jealousy; this is actually the case in most bullying instances today. Luckily I had a very strong support system who kept me encouraged and full of nurturing positivity, and most importantly they taught me to always be armored with prayer.

One of my biggest fears for my children in school is this very thing; I wouldn’t want them on either end of the bullying as the victim or the aggressor. It is for this reason that I am teaching my children inclusion. I want them to be loving and accepting of every child, and I also want them to be courageous, strong and independent enough to never let anyone’s words affect them and know that the magic and uniqueness that they possess is more beautiful than words.

I’ve always said to my children, since the day that they came into this world, that I love them, that they’re beautiful, and that they’re the smartest little ones that I know. I don’t ever want my children to grow up feeling that they need acceptance from anyone, or that they would need to change or conform to anyone’s standards. With everything that is going on in the world, I feel that above all, this worlds needs more prayer, compassion, and kindness. I may not be able to change anyone else’s behavior, or make them feel worthy (although I will try), but I move forward daily in light and love knowing that my contribution to this world come in the form of my children; and I will do my absolute best to make sure that they make a change in this world, FOR THE BETTER💛