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Monday Motivation

I talk a lot about wanting my kids to see me winning, and showing them that a lot of the limits that people place on me and the ones that I sometimes place on myself can be surpassed, but let’s be real, no one is going to win all the time. No matter how strong we are, there are some things that we fall short at, and that is perfectly ok. Along with wanting my kids to see me win, I also want them to know the importance of perseverance. See that word comes into play when those doors keep slamming in your face but you still find the courage and the strength to keep going. That is one of the most important things that I want my kids to know is that I never gave up. So to the Moms who are just like me, whether single or not, and you’re just wanting to be the best example of strength to your babies that you can, know that you already are, just by wanting the best for them! Keep letting those babies see positivity and keep showing them as much love as possible because the world needs more of that❤️ Happy Monday😘✌🏾