Haircuts with love❤️

Most parents with boys know the struggle of that first haircut, and sometimes many consecutive haircuts after. I had to deal with melt downs, tears, and what felt like absolute chaos as soon as we sat in the chair. Despite all of this, there was one factor that made our whole experience a little easier and way more comfortable; and that’s the fact that we’ve been very blessed to have my Grandad as our barber. He’s been a barber since before I came into this world and honestly, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere other than him for my son’s haircuts.

My Grandfather’s calm demeanor and easy going disposition make those stressful biweekly visits a little easier. Every visit is guaranteed to be full of great conversation and constant laughter and for that I am truly thankful. My father never got the chance to see the twins before he passed, and the fact that we have these priceless opportunities to share great memories with my Grandfather is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Ever since Ayden sat down for his first haircut when he was 1, I’ve documented almost all of his haircut visits in photographs. My Grandfather has seen my son evolve from sitting in my lap to get haircuts while Ayden screams to the top of his lungs (yikes!), to the present time when he climbs up into the chair all on his own and doesn’t even want my help. And nothing pulls at my heart strings more than when Ayden hops down from the chair after every haircut, walks around, and opens his little arms as wide as he can, to give my Grandad a huge hug. These are the moments that I cherish and these are the times that make me sit back and soak it all in, knowing that soon my sweet and shy little 3 year old will be my handsome young man and all I will have from these moments will be my memories and these photographs. We should never underestimate the value of the ones in our lives who mean the most and watching my kids grow up so fast before my very eyes within these last few years made me realize that I should take every chance I get to document these treasured moments. To some, every picture posted of those great big hugs between my Grandad and Ayden are all the same, but for me, each one is unique in its very own way.