The Missing Piece..

For the past few years I’ve been working on myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but there is one aspect that I’ve managed to dodge and put on the back burner for a while now; my physical health. Stress, depression and three pregnancies (with one being a miscarriage) over a span of two years has taken its toll on my body. I had accepted the fact that I would just be “fat and happy”, and that whoever came along in my life would just have to accept me for who I am. Looking back, I would say that I still feel the same, but in slightly different terms. Having extra pounds, or not fitting society’s standards is totally fine with me and I’m happy with that, however, I want to be HEALTHY now (regardless of my size); and no matter, who I meet in the future, this person will still have to accept me for the person that I am, inside and out.

With motivation from a coworker, I have embarked on this journey to a healthier me. Its crazy that for a while I’ve know that there was one piece missing from my healing journey, but I never acknowledged it, and now that I have, the puzzle seems complete. I made this decision almost two weeks ago and wanted to keep it to myself initially due to fear of failing, but whether I fall off the wagon on this health journey or have a smooth ride, I’m determined that I will see it through.

I’ve started seeing a change in my energy level, my mood, and I’m realizing that I’m stronger than I thought, in terms of my will and determination to stick with the “clean eating” and exercise. Everything is coming full circle now and I can say that I am actively working on my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health simultaneously; and that, coupled with being a Mom and having a full-time job, as well as my blogging and freelancing has been keeping me busy, but I LOVE IT. This journey will be a long one, and probably not the easiest, but I’m prepared for the ride!

**Artwork by @yeskis4king (IG)**