Friday Affirmation

Hey Mama Zee readers!

We finally made it to Friday, and if you’ve had a week that was anything like mine, I’m pretty sure you’re welcoming Friday with arms wide open. Starting the week out on a very positive note, with great expectations seemed to have given negative energy the “ok” to creep right on in. But if you have learned anything about me, then by now you know that negative vibes are no match for me.

This week had its share of hurdles and uphill battles, but I fought them with prayer, persistence, a calm demeanor, and a smile. Distractions come to remind you that you’re close to your goal, so that means you must make yourself 10 times more prepared.

Keep in mind that THIEVES DON’T ROB EMPTY HOUSES. When the opposition seems to get stronger, it just means that you’re getting closer. Don’t give up no matter how weary you get!