Why Love?

As I come into another Valentine’s Day single, I enter it with a completely different frame of mind as the previous years. Prior to this year, I was your typical bitter, “I hate Valentine’s Day” type of single person. I didn’t want to see anything that had any dealings with love or any of the “mushy” things that came along with it.

Seeing life in a completely different way now, Valentine’s is just another day for me. I celebrate it with my babies and continue to show them how much I love them, and I continue to show them an example of a happy mother who loves life and the special people who are a part of it.

If you’re a single Mom like me, take the time to think about the vibes and energy that you give off directly affecting your kids. If you don’t love yourself, it shows; if you’re miserable, it shows. Don’t center your life and your days around letting specific days, holidays, and special occasions change your mood. Seeing all the gifts, proposals, and “lovey dovey” content is a part of this day, but don’t make it a bitter one for you and everyone around you.

Seasons are just that…SEASONS, and they do change. Who knows? This time next year you could be well on your way to getting married to the love of your life. In the meantime, be ok with being content in your current state. Love yourself and love everyone else.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

**Artwork by @neyohme (IG)**