Wednesday Wisdom

Progress is PROGRESS!

Sometimes we tend to feel like our situation isn’t moving along like we’d hoped, but no matter how small or insignificant you may think your progress is, it is making a difference, and you will arrive at your appointed destination right on time. Truth is, if you compare your journey to anyone else’s, you’ll end up disappointed and thinking that you’re not where you should be. We’re all blessed with our own individual bumps and hurdles along the way, and once you reach your destination it will all make sense. So until then, hang the curves and make the most of the pit stops.

SUBSCRIBER APPRECIATION Your support and feedback is a huge part of what motivates me to do what I do, so as previously mentioned, I will be doing a giveaway as a small token of my appreciation to one lucky subscriber. On March 15th, I will be going live on Facebook to draw the name of one person who is subscribed to my site and that winner will get a $50 Walmart gift card. Only those who are subscribed to my site during that time will be entered in the drawing. Thanks again and good luck!