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Monday Motivation

What if your belief and confidence in yourself was as strong as your self-doubt?

What if all the fear and excuses that you’ve used all this time was instantaneously turned into positivity and determination that no one could take away?

You do know that all of that is possible right? And sometimes the only thing that keeps us from all this greatness is ourselves. I can recall several times that I have talked myself out of opportunities because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, or that I felt like there was someone more deserving than me.

I left all that doubt, negativity and worthlessness in the past a long time ago and I couldn’t have made a better decision.

It’s time to walk into every situation like you’ve already won, like you have the victory, and like there’s not a person in this world who deserves it more than you.

It’s Monday; it’s a new week with new possibilities filled with brand new goals to achieve.


**Artwork by @neyohme (IG)**