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An Open Letter to the Discouraged Encourager

Dear strong soul, I know that being the "go to" person for advice and encouragement can sometimes be rough when you’re going through storms of your own. There’s times when you’re consoling someone who is crying their eyes out, meanwhile you’ve just finished drying your own. You’re busy giving encouragement to someone else, while hiding the fact that you need a shoulder to lean on. You’re looking for solutions to your own problems, while trying to solve another person's. Being that voice of reason and the one to call on is fine and sometimes when you are “that person” it’s hard to tell other people that you need to take a mental break of your own. I have a hard time with this myself to this day but you can’t be strong for others and then deplete yourself of the energy and will power that you need for you. Stop pouring from that empty cup.

They will understand if you need some time to yourself to figure out what it is that is needed to get your mental and emotional health together. They will figure out a way to deal with their own situation, while you sort out the things that are going on in your life, and if they don’t then oh well *shrugs*. Don’t let your love for helping others outweigh your love for yourself. YOU NEED YOU, so be ok with sometimes saying “No” or “not right now”; you deserve it. Be healthy and LOVE YOU❤️

**Artwork by @sd_creative (IG)**

#SelfLove #SelfCare