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Friday Affirmation

Since this is the month of love, let’s talk about falling in love; and I’m not talking about falling in love with another being, I’m speaking of falling back in love with yourself. Often times we sacrifice so many of our needs and wants for other people, that we completely forget about ourselves. You only get one chance at this thing called life, and you don’t want to live it not giving yourself the love you deserve.

Falling back in love with you is an investment that you will receive guaranteed abundant returns from. Anything or anyone that doesn’t make you feel good spiritually...LEAVE THEM ALONE so that you can grow and flourish.

Read positive quotes and devotions, listen to podcasts, leave little sticky note reminders on your mirror of how important you are to yourself...whatever it takes. Love you enough to make YOU your #1 priority and make no excuses not to.

Happy Friday and don't forget to love yourself!

**Artwork by @iliana.illustration (IG)**