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The Wait..

Would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I told you that its been 4 whole years of feeling like opportunities have been passing me by?

Would you believe me if I told you that it’s been 4 whole years of enduring disappointment after disappointment?

Would you believe me if I told you that even though I’ve come a very long way from where I was 4 years ago, I’ve grown numb and accustomed to expecting the worse from every situation that I was involved in?

You know that feeling of sitting down to dinner at a restaurant, ordering, and then watching your server keep passing by you with everyone else’s order, and you have yet to receive yours? That is what I’ve felt; over and over and over again I’ve watched others seem to find their way, flourish in their purpose and watch their seeds of faith begin to grow and bear fruit. Yes I got weary in waiting, I’ve cried, I’ve questioned God, I’ve even come very close to giving up, but each time I looked into the eyes of my three biggest accomplishments, I found yet another reason to hang on. There was no way I could let them down.

The turning point that planted the seed of my first passion (writing) was when I started my blog right after my 30th birthday last July. I began writing to escape, to find peace, and to give hope to someone else who was too afraid to admit that they needed a reason to hang on. It started out as a pass time, and by sowing those seeds of pure joy in writing, came my opportunity to reach a larger variety of an audience, hence being able to officially call myself a Freelance Writer.

I never expected this, I doubted myself and sometimes felt like my work wasn’t worthy, until that one person gave me a chance. If I had given up (like I wanted to last year), I would have never reached this point; this moment would have never come for me.

So after 4 long years of wondering and watching everyone else be served, while patiently waiting on my own dish, I can finally say…”this time, the plate being served is mine, and it was well worth the wait!”

Find that reason to hang on, step out on faith, and never let anyone tell you what you cannot do.

**Artwork by @bydivya (IG)**