We Gotta Teach the Babies!

Kids are like sponges, and it is up to us as their parents and role models to ensure that the things that they are taking in is positive and contributes to their growth. Early on, my oldest (Marley) began forming complete sentences and her comprehension level was through the roof. When my twins came along, things were basically the same, and it helped them a lot to pick up things from Marley.

Sometimes as parents, we underestimate exactly how much kids pay attention to the things that we say and do. I decided when Marley was an infant, that I would do my very best to instill as much positivity and fundamentals in her that I possibly could; and I applied that same way of thinking with my twins as well.

There are many ways that we, as adults and parents, can help our babies expand their vocabulary early on and promote positive learning.

Taking the time to talk to your kids and not “talk at” your kids would be one of the most important things to promote growth in my opinion. Having general conversation with your baby no matter how young, helps them to pick up on many words and sentence formation very early on. I was never that parent who talked “baby talk” to my children. When I talked to them, I talked in a normal tone and I didn’t do the “goo goo gaga” talk. Trust me, they understand way more than you think.

We worked on the alphabet early on and word association. I made sure that they knew each letter of the alphabet and gave them general words that are associated with each letter. We worked on sounds, pronunciation and then sentence formation. From that alone, my kids have learned long words that children who are 7 or 8 years old are just getting introduced to.

Something that goes hand in hand with both aspects mentioned is positive reinforcement. Showing a child love and support is one of the best things that you could do. For them to know that they are loved even when they get it wrong or even when they don’t make the right decisions, shows the child that you support them, and it encourages persistence so that they can try it until they get it right. Encouragement and positive affirmations give them the confidence that they need to excel.

No two children are going to learn at the same rate, so its always best to keep that in mind, but It still helps to instill good learning habits and positivity into them no matter what the learning curve is. The point is that EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN.

Artwork by @murobhasart (IG)