You are Not a One Woman Show!!

Reading, blogging, herbal tea, “me time” …all of these are the things that I did in order to give myself the peace and the breath of fresh air or the “self-care” that I need. But the one thing that I didn’t make time to do was to REST. I have been running off 3 to 4 hours of sleep daily and still trying to function and be a Mom to my kids and be there for everyone else and do the things that they needed me to do. I never once thought that the lack of rest would catch up with me.

It was and still is hard for me to go to bed at a decent hour in order to get enough sleep. My mind is always racing and I’m always thinking of the things that I need to get done, but I never once felt like one of those tasks should be SLEEP.

In my mind, I was able to be this person who could get it all done and not get tired, but about 4 days ago, my body reminded me that there was no such thing. It was as if my body had shut down and I was no help to anyone else, let alone myself. Something as easy as moving my head became hard to do. My kids were scared, my family was scared, and so was I.

Sometimes we don’t realize what big toll stress plays on our body, but If you’re one of those people like me who tends to think that they are invincible and that you can get it all done, news flash…YOU CAN’T. I knew that I was pushing myself, but I’ve never been the type of person to want to ask for help. As with all the rest of the things I’m working on, I know that this is part of my self-improvement process. My Mom and my Aunt have been so supportive, helping me with the kids so that I can get a little more rest.

I’m learning now that I can’t continue to try and make this a one woman show, without asking for help sometimes. This won’t easy, but this process starts now…

Artwork by @brtnysymn (IG)