Friday Affirmation

Today I remind myself of seeds that I planted years ago, with the faith of knowing that one day I would see reaping season and they would all be in full bloom. The waiting during that time between the planting and the reaping is no easy process, but it makes you stronger and it grows your faith tremendously. It’s the waiting, and the praise even while you’re waiting, that fertilizes those tiny seeds. I’ve rejoiced and stayed positive even during the struggle; I’ve seen moments of time when it seemed like I was forgotten about; I’ve watched the seeds of others bloom without seeing any progress from my own, and I STILL WAITED. Now that I’ve started to see an inkling of a sprout after all of the downpours of disappointment, setbacks and ulterior motives, I know that that little bit of hope that I was holding on to, that smile that I wore, and that perseverance that I had were necessary for the process too. Stand firm and don’t lose hope in those seeds that you planted; during reaping season all of the reasons why you waited will be clear. Keep smiling and have a great Friday😘✌🏾

**Artwork by @lord_kpuri (IG)**